US NET is a Data Center Services company that specializes in structured cabling, Data Center relocations and detailed project planning. Your Data Center operation is critical to the success of your company and deserves the dedication and experience of full time professionals. US NET has the staff, experience and processes to make your relocation or cable installation go smoothly and exceed your expectations. US NET does not take a one size fits all approach to our data center services, we understand that every environment is different and we tailor our project plans to meet your specific needs.



Your data center is the central nervous system of your business and should be approached thoughtfully
and organized with a plan to support future growth as well as initial operations. US NET has extensive experience in assisting customers in designing data centers and data center expansions.

The ideal data center is different for every business, but the conceptual approach should be the same for all. US NET's approach is to work directly with the customer to understand the current needs and the vision for your future needs. We then begin creating a design that provides flexibility, scalability and dependability. Our design process is interactive, taking the time to review the plans with you as they progress and discussing the approach as well as the physical design.

We offer options throughout the process to provide you with the ability to understand the pros and cons of each and choose those that best fit your view for now and the future, while staying within your budget for today. We help you choose cabinets, power, PDU's, cabling infrastructure and cabling strategy, explaining the impact and options stemming from each of those choices.

Our design team focuses on ease of implementation and maintenance for the day you begin to populate your data center. A data center that is not properly designed leads to confusion and lost time when you begin to grow. Our designs keep the ever present “moves, adds and changes” in mind and give you a logical, manageable approach to your rack, cabinet and cabling layouts that will ensure that you can easily handle the large changes as well as the daily patching and growth.