US NET is a Data Center Services company that specializes in structured cabling, Data Center relocations and detailed project planning. Your Data Center operation is critical to the success of your company and deserves the dedication and experience of full time professionals. US NET has the staff, experience and processes to make your relocation or cable installation go smoothly and exceed your expectations. US NET does not take a one size fits all approach to our data center services, we understand that every environment is different and we tailor our project plans to meet your specific needs.



Relocation of your office personnel can be a complicated process, particularly if you do not have a facility group managing the physical movement and the destination preparation. US NET's business relocation services help you with the entire process, avoiding prolonged downtimes typically associated with an office relocation.

US NET can manage all the major aspects of your move from preparation to destination. Preparation is key to a successful move, determining and delivering sufficient boxes and packing materials to each workstation, managing the move day(s) plan, labeling PC's, cables and printers and determining proper location of network servers, wireless access points and network printers in the new facility are just some of the aspects of preparation that US NET covers.

Of course, move day(s) is the point where the preparation pays off. Conducting a physical move of multiple, even hundreds of workstations is complex and needs to be handled by the right people and the right equipment. US NET manages the disconnect and packaging of your PC's and all your IT equipment to facilitate a fast installation at the right workstation when it arrives. US NET manages all the physical transport of the items to be moved from pick-up to delivery. This enables you to give a set shut-down time for your personnel and a set arrival time for them at the new site. It also takes away the inefficiencies of assigning move coordination to an inexperienced office worker.

US NET also excels in preparing your destination site. Whether you need cabling services to each location and set up of your physical IT network or if you simply need set-up and installation of PC's and printers at workstations, US NET has the personnel and experience to make this go smoothly for you. US NET will insure your destination is ready in advance of move day which enables the move to be completed more quickly with less downtime.

US NET can help you move an office of a few people or hundreds of people, if you are considering an office move give us a call to find out how we can help.