US NET is a Data Center Services company that specializes in structured cabling, Data Center relocations and detailed project planning. Your Data Center operation is critical to the success of your company and deserves the dedication and experience of full time professionals. US NET has the staff, experience and processes to make your relocation or cable installation go smoothly and exceed your expectations. US NET does not take a one size fits all approach to our data center services, we understand that every environment is different and we tailor our project plans to meet your specific needs.


The time and analysis spent on the front end of relocating your data center, is the most critical component of insuring the move is properly planned and executed to minimize impact to business operations. At US NET, we have a methodical approach to project preparation insuring that all the myriad details are addressed in the overall project plan before even the first cable is disconnected.

Through detailed advance planning and cable mapping, we identify every component involved in your data center's current operation, how these pieces interconnect and what it will take to remove and reassemble your network at its final destination. The resulting asset inventory and cable elevations are the core of your move planning documents. We review your existing floor plan, discuss any areas you are seeking improvement in and then begin the high level design process. We can assist you with making destination site selection decisions, including lease versus build versus collocation.


Once your site has been selected we help optimize the floor plan, cabinet layout, patching strategy and other elements of your future data center to insure it is designed for ease of growth, moves, adds and changes. We assist in the selection and acquisition of cabinets, PDU's and other support/structure equipment. As the project progresses we provide you with a detailed move-day plan and destination site layout, coordinating with the key affected groups to insure their requirements are met.

It has been said that luck is when opportunity meets preparation; at US NET we say a successful data center relocation is when preparation meets move day. If you're ready to begin planning your next data center move or migration, give us a call and see just how much we can help improve your relocation experience.