US NET is a Data Center Services company that specializes in structured cabling, Data Center relocations and detailed project planning. Your Data Center operation is critical to the success of your company and deserves the dedication and experience of full time professionals. US NET has the staff, experience and processes to make your relocation or cable installation go smoothly and exceed your expectations. US NET does not take a one size fits all approach to our data center services, we understand that every environment is different and we tailor our project plans to meet your specific needs.


Speed to market is a competitive advantage and cabinet pre-build (rack & stack) services are a great way to improve your speed to market. At US NET we have perfected the pre-build of server racks and cabinets at our Arlington, Texas location and our data center relocation model is a complimentary service for delivering and installing the completed racks.

Engaging US NET to build your IT cabinets off site provides you with several benefits:

It allows you to let the work of building your data center floor and power & cooling infrastructure to run parallel to the cabinet build. This enables you to move "plug and play" racks onto your floor as soon as it is ready and turn up services and begin generating revenue much sooner than if you have the cabinets built on site after the floor is ready.

It allows you greater quality control and standardization of cabinet layout and patching. US NET's experienced technicians and RCDD project managers work directly with you to enhance and finalize your cabinet design(s) and then produce each model exactly the same. This provides for ease of installation and maintenance.

It allows you to shift the work activities of ordering cabinets, hardware, IT equipment and cabling to US NET and enables you to turn your multiple orders for these items into one Purchase Order to US NET. We manage vendor deliveries and payments for you in this model, allowing you greater resource leveling of your own personnel. If you are not ready for a full turn-key service, US NET will accept the materials you order

It allows you to keep your IT resources engaged in the logical turn-up & test of your new equipment and the daily operation of your data center rather than consuming their time in building cabinets and racks.

It dramatically reduces the number of deliveries and the amount of packing material that you have to deal with at your data center.

If you're building or growing your data center by a few or a few hundred racks/cabinets US NET can help you make the process significantly more efficient and cost effective with our Rack & Stack service. Give us a call to day to learn more.