US NET is a Data Center Services company that specializes in structured cabling, Data Center relocations and detailed project planning. Your Data Center operation is critical to the success of your company and deserves the dedication and experience of full time professionals. US NET has the staff, experience and processes to make your relocation or cable installation go smoothly and exceed your expectations. US NET does not take a one size fits all approach to our data center services, we understand that every environment is different and we tailor our project plans to meet your specific needs.


Thorough testing and documented results are fundamental to your confidence in the quality of your cabling installation. US NET provides testing and documentation as a matter of course in a cabling project. CAT 5E, CAT6, CAT 6A/7 Testing is performed using state of the art test equipment documenting all test results in a soft copy, printable form. Fiber Loss and Fiber Channel testing is performed using the latest and most widely accepted testers in the industry, fiber troubleshooting is performed using OTDR's and Fiber Loss testers. The high quality of our work is one of our major differentiators in the marketplace and we are happy to demonstrate this in every project. Proper testing and documentation is an aid and benefit to maintaining your cabling and the operation of your equipment.

Elevations and mappings of your cabinets, equipment and cabling connectivity are possibly the single most important set of documentation you will have for your data center. US NET also provides these documents in a clear, understandable format that is user friendly for updates and changes as the project progresses.

The ability for you to quickly locate and identify specific cables, ports and devices is key to smooth implementation of your moves, adds and changes as well as a critical roadmap for your IT team in troubleshooting and network analysis.

Additional critical aspects of the documentation of your data center are cabinet layout, floor plan, and cabling infrastructure. US NET provides detailed Autocad documentation of all these components as a part of our data center design and data center build services. We also provide these services as a standalone offering under our Professional services. A fully documented map of your data center helps manage growth and expansion.

We take pride in the documentation we provide you with at the end of the project as it becomes a lasting