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Datacenter Deployment


Security & Peace of Mind for Your Mission-Critical Deployments

Relocating your datacenter is no light undertaking, and it can be fraught with risk and challenges. However, when you partner with USNet, we turn it into an extremely rewarding experience, through proven processes and proper planning. USNet developed a comprehensive methodology for datacenter relocation which will give your company the freedom to focus your company's IT resources on the logical and operational aspects of the move. We then collaborate to handle all the technical and physical aspects of the relocation. Our step-by-step process highlights the following aspects:

We understand that every environment is different, and we tailor project plans to accommodate your needs. By completing a simple questionnaire, you provide our team with the basic information required for USNet to understand your relocation essentials. We use this comprehensive evaluation process for in-depth risk mitigation throughout the relocation.

USNet employs a team of experienced, professional project managers which combine your input, an extensive evaluation, and risk mitigation factors to create a custom-tailored plan of action. The core design of our planning solution is built upon clear communication and visibility to our clients, as we partner together to achieve a successful move. Through detailed and advanced planning, we identify every component involved in your datacenter's current operation, how these pieces interconnect, and what it will take to disassemble and rebuild safely with minimal business interruption. We take into account any new hardware or equipment configurations, and we assist with developing a layout that will support your current needs as well as future expansion expectations.

We prepare the destination site to receive the incoming equipment, including any needed pre-fit equipment for structured cabling. USNet has perfected the design and installation of pre-built racks and cabinets to enable true 'Rack & Stack' solutions. USNet provides secure, custom-designed packaging for all your equipment to secure it while in transit. This step also includes a feasibility examination to ensure our procedures optimize performance for the safest move possible. Our infrastructure and cabling design expertise allows us to customize end-to-end path and cabling solutions. This ensures no surprises on move day. We work with your team to develop an easily manageable structured cabling and patching system to support specific demands. We also establish cable and equipment labeling schemes specific to your environment, which are easily understood, and repeatable for the lifespan of the datacenter.

Testing & Documentation
USNet invests in industry-leading test equipment. Our online database tracks and verifies testing throughout the process. We do not leave the site until every cable is both labeled and tested to ensure flawless performance. In addition, we also clearly document each cable and its certification. The complete documentation is provided at the conclusion of the installation.

Our expertise and proven track record add unparalleled value to every USNet project. We will honor manufacturers' warranties for every product we install. We also provide a one-year warranty on our structured cabling installations for added peace of mind.

Comprehensive Site Planning
Secure Transport Between Sites

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