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Datacenter Deployment
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Design & Installation

Design Process
USNet takes a deliberate approach to address risk. We achieve this with extensive pre-planning and site preparation ensuring that all the steps are properly sequenced for practically "plug and play" delivery. We offer options throughout the process to provide you with the ability to understand the pros and cons of each, and to choose the one that best fits your view for now and the future -- while staying within your budget today. USNet's design team evaluates space constraints, expansion plans, budgetary limitations, and performance requirements to offer a solution that fits your exact needs. Recognizing that no two customers have identical objectives, USNet takes the time to hear and understand your specific concerns and assist with building the foundation to grow your IT Department in a standardized, practical, and cost-effective way.

USNet employs Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) with extensive experience in structured cabling design. Our design team focuses on ease of implementation and maintenance for the day you begin to populate your datacenter. A datacenter that is not properly designed leads to confusion and lost time as you begin to grow. Our designs keep the ever-present moves, adds, and changes in mind and they give you a logical, manageable approach to your rack, cabinet, and cabling layouts that will ensure you can easily handle large changes as well as the daily patching and growth.

Datacenter Installations
The USNet design team is very experienced with datacenter environments. Datacenters are unique for every business, but for us the conceptual approach is the same. At USNet this approach centers around the work we perform directly communicating with our customer. Your datacenter is the central nervous system of your business and should be approached thoughtfully and organized with a plan to support future growth as well as initial operations. USNet has extensive experience in assisting customers in designing datacenters and expansions. We endeavor to understand your current needs as well as your vision for future growth. We then begin creating a design that provides flexibility, scalability, and dependability. Our design process is interactive, taking the time to review the plans with you as they progress as well as discussing the approach and the physical designs. We help you choose hardware, power, distribution, cabling infrastructure, and cabling strategy, and we explain the impact and options stemming from each of those choices. Whether you need cabinet/rack layout, network distribution, cable management, cabinet/PDU selection, material specifications, or hot/cold aisle containment, we can accommodate your requirements.

Commercial Office & Multi-Structured Campus
Our cabling and infrastructure design process can also be applied to office and multi-office campus environments. USNet can plan, design, and install any size infrastructure setup. For commercial office applications, our layout and design services provide for single buildings, and multi-structure campus setups in the same manner. We help layout a solution best optimized for network cabling and associated components for any size office environment.

True Technical Expertise

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