Structured Cabling

Structure, Stability + Standardization

Your cabling infrastructure is critical to your company’s long-term viability and success. That’s why we design custom solutions that support your daily workload, provide stable access to critical data, and standardize your infrastructure.  

We design and build infrastructure from the ground up and modify existing systems. Whichever course of action we take, you gain a stable, standard, and well-structured system that can keep up  with any changes you need to enact. Our goal is to ensure every system will accommodate changing demands, expansion, moves, and changes.

Our team of Designers and Project Managers for our structured cabling solutions works with every client to design a custom system within budget and executed on schedule. Our Project Managers develop comprehensive build and  installation plans, ensuring projects are completed accurately and on schedule. Our technicians are BICSI and vendor-certified and experienced with fiber-optic, ethernet, and copper cabling components. We ensure that our build-outs not only meet but typically exceed TIA/EIA, and  ISDN Standards.  

We take pride in our on-site terminations and testing, backbone build-outs, fiber trunk or central patching solutions, and horizontal cabling techniques. Our approach ensures that we address any potential risks on the front end – rather than waiting for something to go wrong. We install and support patch cables, cable assemblies, patch panels, cross-connects, racks, cabinets, and power components. Our concern is to ensure your cabling meets or exceeds industry standards and long-term operational performance.  

Flexibility is key to our success; This means we will help you stabilize, design, or build out a  new location or solution around your needs. Through our meticulously designed Five-Step Process, our people, and our commitment to quality, we assess and address your complete cabling needs. 

5-Steps That Set Us Apart


We begin every project with our Network Infrastructure Assessment and Risk Analysis. This comprehensive evaluation allows clients the opportunity to provide in-depth information about  their organization, project, and any additional conditions or functionality requirements so that we  can create a completely customized solution.


Our experienced team of Designers and Project Managers begin crafting all-inclusive plans and schedules to carry out our remediation recommendations. The key to our planning phase is to maintain open communication and transparency with our clients as we develop a layout that supports current needs and keeps future changes or expansions in mind.


We coordinate with your team to oversee the project implementation and build schedule. This “big picture” schedule allows us to track lead times for material and hardware procurement, budget reports, completion date tracking, and everything in between. Our Technicians ensure that you experience a seamless installation process, complete with a labeling scheme specific to your  environment.

Testing + Documentation

We invest in industry-leading test equipment and verify all connections throughout the Process.  We do not leave a site until every cable is labeled and tested to ensure flawless performance. We also provide complete certification and documentation of the entire system after the installation is complete.


The foundation of our business is to provide structure, stability, and standardization. With over 20 years as an industry leader, we have successfully run or installed more than 1 million feet of low-voltage cable.


We hire premium people

who execute our proven process

to provide a perfect plan for every client.